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The centuries-old Hinduism, also known as Santana Dharam is centuries-old known for its greatest religious beliefs and learnings. The popular saint Rishi Vyasa originated the early records of Vedas (knowledge) in 4-four different scriptures better known as Chaturveda.

The oldest books in the history of Hinduism Veds are divided into four sets namely Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sam Veda, and Atharva Veda.

  • Rigveda: It is the oldest text of the Hindu religion that dates back to the time of Indo-Aryan Civilization. Rigveda is composed of two words, Rig means to praise or shine and Veda means knowledge. The ancient book is a collection of a total of 1028 hymns and 10,600 versed divided into 10 different books called Mandalas in Sanskrit.
  • Samveda: Samved is called the world of Veda of melodies and chants. The book is divided into two parts mainly four melody collections of the Saman and the other part is of Arcika which is known as the collection of verse.
  • Yajurveda: It is the Sanskrit composition of two words mainly Yajus and Veda which means prose mantras. It is completely dedicated to religious knowledge. The book is a collection of a different sets of rituals performed that offer several prose mantras that can be chanted by a priest.
  • Atharvaveda: Atharvaveda means formulas and spells that are being used to counteract several diseases and calamities. The ancient book is a wholesome mixture of chants, hymns, spells, and a variety of prayers.

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Rigveda is the most important religious text of the Hindu religion and is one of the four important Vedas. It is a collection of vast knowledge and a collection of hymns that describe the sacred information and praise dedicated to the highest Hindu deities in the world.

The Vedic religious text Rigveda consists of a total of 1028 hymns that are known as suktas. These are further created into 10 mandals or better said as books containing vast knowledge of the religious text. In each of the mandala of Rigveda consists of thought-provoking and philosophical knowledge that will create an impact on the human mind.

There are several ideas and notions written in Rigveda that consists of the following few things.

  1. The whole composition of Rigveda is based on the families of ten rishis that had contributed to the curation of the majority of the lineage. It includes the hymn dedicated to each clan of the rishi as their religious text.
  2. The Rigveda is originally the combination of four major components namely The Brahmanas, the Samhitas, the Aryankas, and the Upanishads.
  3. All the mandalas of this pious religious text serve the significant purpose of paying respect to the highest deities.
  4. There are several stories in Rigveda called Suktas that are a reflection of Hindu marriage ritualistic philosophies and several religious ceremonies.

5. The Veda also describes important information about the right social behaviour and moral responsibilities of humans. It further tackles important issues like gambling and talks about good governance.

Samveda is one of the ancient origin Vedic Sanskrit texts on Hinduism. It is one of the four main Vedas and is considered as shortest among all. In the word, Samveda, Sam means, “Melody”, and Veda means, “knowledge”. Simply means, the text provides the knowledge in melody which is also called the “Book of Song”, “Veda of Chants”, or even, “Yoga of Song”. Moreover, it is the chanting or we can say musical adaptation of Rigveda.

Every single meaning of Samveda depicts something important. “Veda of Chants” describes the verses written in Rigveda that can be spoken in a way of chanting. It is the reason, most of the religious rituals have chanting lines taken from Samveda. “Yoga of Song”, refers to the process of trying different Yoga postures while reciting the specific verses of Samveda and has a magical effect on mind, body, and soul.

The primary reason for the compilation of Samveda is for performing various religious rituals. It is because the text’s verses are chanted during the ritual of Soma sacrifice as it praises the highest deities like Indra, Agni, and Soma.

The hymns of Samveda are recited in a manner like a song to understand several universal truths. In actual terms, the musical pattern of the text has been derived from several vibrations of the cosmos.

In terms of learning, Samveda teaches us several things including cleanliness, knowledge, performing virtuous deeds, Fire of Tapa, salvation, relaxation, self-control, enlightenment, truth, auspicious activities, the significance of Agni, the path of truthfulness, the light of the sun, stay away from pride, and more.

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Yajurveda is a Hindu religious text that dates back centuries and is one of the four main Vedas. The religious Veda talks more about performing different types and levels of Hindu religious rituals and is highly adopted by Rishis and other sacred beings for performing religious ceremonies.

The word Yajurveda is consist of two things i.e., ‘Yajur’, which means sacrifice and ‘Veda’, which means knowledge. So, together it becomes the knowledge book of performing a plethora of religious rituals. But if we go deeper inside the meaning of this Veda, then it means highly auspicious prose in the book that relate to religious sacrifice.

Talking about the sacrifice, Yajurveda is divided into two major sacrifices namely, Darsapurnamasa and Asvamedha. Both are different sacrificial ceremonies performed at different time intervals. For example,  Darsapurnamasa is being performed only at the new and full moon. Whereas,  Asvamedha or the horse sacrifice, 609 domestic and wild animals are tied to 21  sacrificial posts.

If we look at the composition of Yajurveda, then it is further divided into two parts i.e., Shukla or better known as White Yarur Veda and Krishna or Black Yajur Veda. Both the parts contain a different form of writing. Just like Shukla consist of Shatapatha Brahmana text and Krishna had the Brahmanda prose. Another major difference is that Shukla consists of prayers and formulas of doing legit sacrifices to God which is being uttered by a highly designated priest. On the other side, Krishna consists of only the rituals for various sacrifices and discussions on the same.

Atharvaveda is the last one of the Vedic Hindu texts that consist in the list of other Vedas like Samveda, Yajurveda, and Rigveda.

The other common name of Atharvaveda is the Veda of Magical Formulas. Although it’s not an official name, still people call for the same. The book consists of 20 books that are full of hymns, chants, spells, and prayers. It had been observed that all the religious texts inside Atharvaveda talk more about treating prolonged illness, handling the daily life problems of humans, seeking cures of diseases, gaining a love partner,  world peace, nature of good and evil, and much more.

If we go by the significance of Atharvaveda, then the high-rated philosophical ideas of the text have already been compared to Upanisads. It is because of the fact that language written in the Veda is more towards the scriptures for the masses. That is the reason, many religious scholars do not consider the admission of Atharvaveda into the elite class. Still, the religious information inside the Veda has the power to change human life into something good.

There are different types of content included in Atharvaveda that talk about a varied range of knowledge. It has several Mantras related to the cure of diseases, destruction of adverse forces, establish peace, protection, wealth, health, friendship, long life, and more. Moreover, Atharvaveda is further divided into different subjects like the following:

* Brahmacarya -Sukta

* Bhumi-Sukta

* Kala-Suktas

* Vivaha-Sukta

* Samanasya-Sukta

* Madhuvidya-Sukta

* Rohita-Sukta

* Skambha-Sukta

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